About Brian

Brian Kesselring, a.k.a. Kicasso, is a lifelong multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter, composer, engineer and music producer. Starting professionally in 1986, his fascination with every style of music and his chameleon like approach to absorbing, composing, recording and producing all of these styles, has led to his unique sound. This mixture of styles has been reverberating throughout the musical community ever since. Beginning in Hollywood, then San Francisco and now finally residing in Austin, TX, his unique influence and innovative approach to music has been felt worldwide. His two albums had nationally charting radio play and international distribution with his band “Puzzlefish”. They were released on his own self-started indie record label.

After opening the first DJ school ever in San Francisco called “ObjectSpin Turntablist University”, he fell in love with teaching his innovative tips and tricks to aspiring artists. It was a big hit. People fell in love with “the KicassoMusic method”.

Since then, he has become a renowned iOS mobile music pioneer. He has been creating jaw dropping original music on the iPad and iPhone since the day that the first iPad hit the streets. His knowledge of all of the most cutting-edge apps and the integration of them is unparalleled. Thus, proving that the iPad is every bit as powerful as a traditional recording studio, and often much more convenient for the user.

Still composing and performing innovative music, Brian can be seen around Austin doing surprise “sitting in” and “pop-up” performances.

His styles range from Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Funk, Jazz, Experimental, Drum-N-Bass, EDM, Rock, Metal, Ska, Country, Folk, Alternative, Classical, African and Latin World music. This mixture of musical flavors has led him into scoring music for film.

“… Only 12 notes you can play, yet millions of songs still to be written.”