Kicasso Music Live Music, State of the Art Recording Studio, Music Production, Re-Recording Mixing, Sound Design and Scoring for Film/TV/Games

Based out of Austin, TX, Kicasso Music is run by Lifelong Musician, Songwriter, Master Producer, Engineer, Sound Designer, and Composer Brian Kesselring (aka, Kicasso).


Due to COVID-19 Kicasso Music is performing FREE live concerts on Facebook every Thursday at 7pm CST beginning on June 4th! Follow us on Facebook for notifications about live performances!


Whether you have a full band or are a solo musician, Kicasso Music can help you fulfill your dream of creating your own high quality album. Whether you have a full album composed and all the musicians to play all the parts or just an idea for a melody, Kicasso Music will ensure that you leave with a Studio Quality recording of your song. As Brian Kesselring is a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, even solo artists can leave with full-fledged recorded songs.  Whatever the genre, from Dubstep to Rock to Hip-Hop to Funk, Brian can write and play bass lines, drums, and guitar, as well as sing harmonies if needed. Using Apple’s Logic Pro, Brian can also compose accompaniment in virtually any instrument, from violin to flute to saxophone to sitar.

If you need a session player, fill-in player or sound engineer for a gig/tour, Brian can help. Whether you’re already in post and need some re-recording mixing or sound design done, or you’re just getting started and want someone to compose a cohesive score that encaptures the emotion of your work, Brian is your man and can be reached via either email Brian at kicassomusic@gmail.com or phone (919) 917-0341.

Additionally, Brian Kesselring is available for scoring music for film, TV, and video games.  Brian is an expert in post-production, re-recording mixing and sound design.  Furthermore, Brian is available if you need a sound engineer, session player or standing in for live gigs. References available upon request.

One of the foremost experts in iOS device music, Brian Kesselring also offers lessons on how to utilize your iPad or iPhone as an affordable portable studio, complete with effects, etc.

To schedule a recording session, studio time, lessons, music scoring or songwriting assistance simply email Brian Kesselring at kicassomusic@gmail.com or call (919) 917-0341. If you need to ensure that the sound for your film, tv show, or game is of the highest quality possible, then you need the assistance of Brian Kesselring.